The Tricker Code: The Science And Philosophy Of Mastery (eBook) - 2017

The Tricker Code: The Science And Philosophy Of Mastery (eBook) - 2017

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The Tricker Code is a collection of principles that govern OPTIMIZED learning over the long term. 

For over a decade of my life I've been training at the skatepark, reading books, tricking, and formulating frameworks to grow myself into the best that I could be, and I've summarized everything I've learned in this book. 

This book is concerned with giving you an overarching strategy for learning that can be applied to any domain of your life, that will make you the best you can possibly be over the course of your life. 

You will benefit from this book if you:

  • Are frustrated by your lack of results
  • Don't understand how to optimize your results per unit time
  • Struggle staying motivated to train
  • Frequently get injured
  • Feel like your training goes in circles (1 step forward, 1 step back)
  • Want to become the best you can be in the longest term
  • Always choke in performances or on camera
  • Don't understand how to improvise and be creative
  • Feel like training is a chore
  • Have no friends and don't know why

What you'll get:

  • A scientific framework for optimizing your practice
  • A philosophical framework for optimizing your practice
  • More motivation to practice
  • Understanding of the three incredibly common ANTIMASTERY mindsets to avoid
  • Proven approaches for maximum results
  • How to tame your ego and get out of your own way 
  • How to perform flawlessly every single time
  • How to be creative and intuitive 
  • How to develop your own unique style 
  • How to fall into flow states when you practice


I've included specific example sections for the benefit of trickers, but I was careful to make sure that the concepts here were written for a general audience.

So if you're a musician, athlete, or ESPECIALLY a tricker - this book is for you. 

    I'm incredibly proud of it, and I really can't wait to share it with you. 

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