Misguided: Counterintuitive Principles For Mastering Life (eBook) - 2016

Misguided: Counterintuitive Principles For Mastering Life (eBook) - 2016

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I wrote this book at a difficult time in my life: I was fed up with university and desperately wanted independence, but just couldn't figure out how to get it.

I began to read a shit ton of books, and as I did it became painfully obvious how misguided I was in my notion of work and money.

I realised that since childhood I was instilled with several crippling beliefs, such as the idea that work is a sacrifice, and that money is hard to make. Not true at all. 

Turns out you can actually live a life doing what you love, and make shit tons of money as well - but you need a bit of knowledge and the right mindset. 

The more books I read the more blatantly obvious it became, and it fueled my resentment of the dreaded “system”. Why wasn't anybody told this shit? Why are we throwing our lives away doing shit we hate?

Then, in a rage, I locked myself in my room for a week straight and gave birth to misguided.

It contains 16 key principles that will make you stronger, less fearful, and more effective in positioning yourself to live the life you want. Each one has had a massive influence on my life. 

It’s a very angry, and egotistical little ebook, written by young me who felt he had something to prove – so I hope you’ll excuse the tone lol.

But, if you’re a young, ambitious soul, who is frustrated at the way our misguided society and education system holds you back, perhaps it will be perfect.

All in all, I think it’s a must read for anybody stuck in a system they resent, and wanting to chart their own course through life. 

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