Living In Harmony

I have a blue book that I carry with me to jot down insights. The stuff that comes out is often half baked, confusing, and contradictory, but the holistic nature of it sometimes captures something profound (a bit like a dream) that is sometimes lost when I rationally reduce it.

I’ll continue to think about it and articulate it properly, but I think the raw insight is also valuable so here you go:

P.s. In terms of understanding the tone I guess it’s me addressing myself.

Truth emerges as a consequences of you getting yourself together. It comes when you align your life with your genetic predispositions and the collective unconscious archetypes of humanity. You’re not just another puppet with a fake persona, but you become a beacon of light and everybody can feel it, even if they’re mega resentful and deny it.

Literally all of your problems in life come from deceit. You manipulate and lie to others to get what you think that you want, and you lie and deceive yourself in subtle ways such as denying your emotions, or what you truly want.

But what you truly want is to be open, authentic, and transparent. You want to have nothing to hide, and be able to ride through life and enjoy what comes without needing to be on the watch constantly, and editing your behaviour to fit artificial and arbitrary expectations.

You want to live freely and spontaneously, in such a way that if at any moment somebody asked you what you were thinking about you could say it immediately without the slightest hesitation, editing, or shame. You want to live harmoniously with the world, and when you achieve that all sense of effort, struggle, and suffering simply drops away. Life becomes bliss.

How to get there?

Stop lying to yourself about who you are and what you want. Don’t be ashamed of what you think. Speak your mind and if somebody puts you in your place so be it. Think about it and be honest, did they have a point? Sometimes they do, but most cases they’re just afraid of you being different because it calls their life into question.

Do this again and again and each time you will slowly become more aligned with reality and with who you are. Eventually you’ll have nothing to hide, and you’ll be liberated.

All of my writing revolves around the question “what does it take to live the most fulfilling life possible?” or something like that. At the moment it seems to me to be a combination of freedom, creativity, and busting your ass on behalf of the good for society or your community.

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Jackson xo

P.S. one last thing: All my life I’ve struggled to overcome mental and physical barriers to optimizing my learning and growth in whatever I was doing. Over a period of at least 10 years I pieced together a philosophy that governs optimized practice and long term growth. So if you’re interested in ideas like optimized learning, mastery, discipline and creativity – you should DEFINITELY read this.

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