Trusting Your Intuition

I have a blue book that I carry with me to jot down insights. The stuff that comes out is often half baked, confusing, and contradictory, but the holistic nature of it sometimes captures something profound (a bit like a dream) that is sometimes lost when I rationally reduce it.

I’ll continue to think about it and articulate it properly, but I think the raw insight is also valuable so here you go:

P.s. In terms of understanding the tone I guess it’s me addressing myself.

Listen to your intuition. It uses deep subconscious faculties that are far older and more powerful than your rational thinking faculties. It can crunch big data in a small amount of time – far more than your measly rational mind can.

The only issue with it is that its output is vague and is often vague, confusing or contradictory. Why? Because it isn’t supposed to make sense to your rational mind – the whole reason you have your intuition is because your rational mind, while powerful for fine focus, is severely limited in big picture understand. Trying to rationalize intuitions is a useless task.

So what to do with them? You need to trust them.

They’re very real, and true sensations – just not true and real in the way that we generally think when we hear true and real in our scientific rationalist society.

Go with your gut, it knows things that you don’t.

All of my writing revolves around the question “what does it take to live the most fulfilling life possible?” or something like that. At the moment it seems to me to be a combination of freedom, creativity, and busting your ass on behalf of the good for society or your community.

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Jackson xo

P.S. one last thing: All my life I’ve struggled to overcome mental and physical barriers to optimizing my learning and growth in whatever I was doing. Over a period of at least 10 years I pieced together a philosophy that governs optimized practice and long term growth. So if you’re interested in ideas like optimized learning, mastery, discipline and creativity – you should DEFINITELY read this.

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