4 Steps To Becoming Reliable In A Crisis

The Stages

1. By default you’re originally completely consumed by self-deceit and your mechanical nature

2. Somehow, either through reading books, listening to incredible stories, or by a traumatic event you become aware of the staggering depth of your unawareness and vulnerability (not my video, but incredibly relevant)

3. You engage in calculated exposure to the things that you are afraid of — making yourself stronger, and deconstructing old limiting and dangerous beliefs about reality and preparing for the worst possible scenarios whenever they may strike

4. Self-actualization, enlightenment, liberation — you grow into a powerful, integrate human being who lives in harmony with reality, and who can be relied upon to be grounded in even the worst possible tragedies


The cure to all of your problems is truth: both spoken and enacted. Be brutally honest with yourself about your shortcomings and expose yourself systematically to the things you’re afraid of. Find what you’re avoiding and confront it voluntarily (even death itself). That’s the path to liberation, and to living in harmony with reality.

Repression of, and deception about reality is the root of all of your suffering in life (a have a video about this). Suffering doesn’t come from the outside world, but how you internally react to your circumstances. You can be in plenty of pain and in terrible, tragic circumstances — but you don’t need to suffer.

The reason that you do suffer though isn’t necessary your fault so don’t feel guilty — the default position in life is to suffer, and I think it’s partly biological and partly cultural. But either way you can slowly rework those mechanisms and belief structures (a have a 3000 word guide to doing this), and the way you do it is by speaking and acting truthfully, and being brutally honest with yourself about your shortcomings.

Do it sooner rather than later, you can only cling to false beliefs for so long before papa reality turns around and kicks your ass lol.

This article was a pretty shitty summary tbh, here’s the REAL deal if you’re interested:

The REAL Explanation (In Video Format!)

All of my writing revolves around the question of what it takes to live the most fulfilling life possible, and so far the answer seems to be a combination of freedom, creativity, and busting your ass on behalf of the good for your community. 

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One last thing: Over a period of at least 10 years I pieced together a philosophy that governs optimized practice and long term growth. It’s a piece of work that I’m INCREDIBLY proud of, and if you’re interested in ideas like optimized learning, mastery, discipline and creativity, you should DEFINITELY read this.

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