On Being A Workaholic

 workaholism is constipation, srs. 

workaholism is constipation, srs. 

I have a blue book that I carry with me to jot down insights. The stuff that comes out is often half baked, confusing, and contradictory, but the holistic nature of it sometimes captures something profound (a bit like a dream) that is sometimes lost when I rationally reduce it.

I’ll continue to think about it and articulate it properly, but I think the raw insight is also valuable so here you go:

P.s. In terms of understanding the tone I guess it’s me addressing myself.

You get stressed out doing shit. Over time it clouds your vision. It’s subtle and you won’t realize that it’s happening, but you’ll get increasingly caught up in, and deluded about the importance of your work [What To Do When You’re Stressed Out].

But really, none of it really matters lol. And realizing that is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Because when you’re AWARE of that, nothing scares you, nothing worries you, nothing stresses you. You are completely detached from outcome, and you can play the game and enjoy it without holding onto anything and suffering unnecessarily.

The only trap I can foresee is that when you’re in the cycle there is a massive resistance to just breaking out and sitting down. Productivity is addictive, and taking breaks often feels like a luxury instead of a necessity. What’s worse is that the resistance is proportion to how much you need it.

The best thing that you can do when things aren’t working is to fucking stop [get to the root of the problem by learning how to meditate]. Get the fuck away from it, sit down by yourself, and let your mind quiet down. You’ll realize that none of it really matters, and ironically when nothing matters nobody/nothing can stop you. Detachment from outcome is key, and it comes from leaving yourself alone.

All of my writing revolves around the question of what it takes to live the most fulfilling life possible, and so far the answer seems to be a combination of freedom, creativity, and busting your ass on behalf of the good for your community. 

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Jackson xo

One last thing: Over a period of at least 10 years I pieced together a philosophy that governs optimized practice and long term growth. It’s a piece of work that I’m INCREDIBLY proud of, and if you’re interested in ideas like optimized learning, mastery, discipline and creativity, you should DEFINITELY read this.

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