How To Become A Benevolent Force In The World

You exist on multiple levels of analysis:

  • Molecules

  • Organs

  • Body

  • Family

  • Society

If there is a problem on any one of these levels, for all intents and purposes that’s a problem with you. That’s not to say that you’re responsible for societies problems, but societies problems inform your experience as a human being just as much as any problems in your personal life, or with your organs.

For example if your society is tyrannical, that’s going to negatively influence your life in the same way that an oppressive family might, or your own oppressive psyche [3000 words on unfucking yourself] as a result from a chemical imbalance.

You aren’t necessarily localized to your body, so when you have problems in your life sometimes it pays to redefine the boundaries of what you define as you, and where you might look for potential solutions.

For example your friend group could toxic and making you depressed, but you won’t come to that conclusion if you’re sold that you’re the problem. BUT! That isn’t an excuse to push your personal problems out into the world. This goes the other way as well.

If you exist in your society, then your society also exists in you — so if there are problems in your society that you think are ruining your experience of life, realize that you are complicit in that problem.

You might think that you don’t make a difference but you’re connected in a network — you’ll know thousands of people over the course of your life, and each of those people will know thousands of people. If you manifest yourself in the world in a way that is courageous and honest enough to influence those people, and they each go on to influence the thousands of people they meet in their life, your benevolent actions quickly propagate through to reach MILLIONS.

If there’s a problem are you speaking up about it? Are you educating yourself and looking for solutions? Or are you just complaining and leaving it to somebody else to solve? (There are good reasons to bother improving yourself).

So what to do? Start making your environment a better place, and educate yourself to improve your improving abilities. Your quality of mind is responsible for your environment, and your environment is responsible for your quality of mind.

Get your life together and start sharing your thoughts with the world. Start caring more about your friends, and start contributing value to them and your society (become a creative genius while you’re at it). 

It’s both selfish and selfless at the same time — you’re improving the lives of others, and since they are integral to your experience as a human being for all intents and purposes you are improving your own life.

Humanity doesn’t survive if everybody is out for themselves. One of our greatest strengths is the fact that we look out for and care for each other. This is why the archetype of the hero is so fucking deeply attractive.

As a hero you are called to adventure, to put yourself at risk for the sake of bringing back something for your community. It’s a call to act on something greater than yourself, and that’s the way that you’re genetically predisposed to live.

“Every time you make a pathological decision you move the world one step closer to complete annihilation.”
 — Jordan Peterson

All of my writing revolves around the question of what it takes to live the most fulfilling life possible, and so far the answer seems to be a combination of freedom, creativity, and busting your ass on behalf of the good for your community. 

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Jackson xo

One last thing: Over a period of at least 10 years I pieced together a philosophy that governs optimized practice and long term growth. It’s a piece of work that I’m INCREDIBLY proud of, and if you’re interested in ideas like optimized learning, mastery, discipline and creativity, you should DEFINITELY read this.

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