Meditation: How and Why?


  • Sit down
  • Close your eyes
  • Don’t grasp onto your thoughts
  • Don’t try to dispel your thoughts
  • Let thoughts come and go,
  • Breathe
  • Relax

That’s it.


Over time your mind starts to quiet down, and that’s a great thing, because you start to see through all the bullshit your monkey-mind was caught up telling you.

Leaving your mind alone starts to reset your system. It puts you in touch with the essence of who you are, without all the voices, opinions and judgments of other people clouding your perception of yourself and the world.

You don’t realize it (because by definition you’re unaware of your unawareness) but majority of the things you say and the way you behave isn’t authentically you. It’s mechanical and reactive, and it’s driven by expectations of other people and your lowest, biological impulses.

But when you leave your mind to quiet itself down, those pressures cloud your mind less and less. You can literally think of them like clouds in the sky of your mind – they stop you from seeing the clear blue sky, which is the highest, aspirational side of you, and who you truly are.  

And for that reason meditation is probably the number one thing you can start doing right now that will improve your life. Why? Because the more you meditate the more you understand who you are – which means you better understand how to be productive, creative, emotionally stable, present, and every other good quality that you like embodying.

Meditation gives you control over your being, your behavior and your emotions. It makes you stronger and adds conviction behind everything that you do. You can see clearer – not just in what you want for yourself, but the obstacles that stand in your way and how you can overcome them.

The ultimate level is that meditation eventually leads to disbelief in thoughts, which leads to awakening. That’s the pinnacle of existence – complete detachment and disidentification with your thoughts, body and emotions. No more resistance. No more negative emotion. No more pain and suffering. No more fear of death. You’ve conquered yourself.

Reach that point and you win everything.

So, get meditating.

With all the demands of life in today’s world it’s incredibly difficult to stay on track with your own development. There’s so much urgency it’s easy to go unconscious for weeks or months at a time and completely forget to live, and appreciate your life.   

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