Can you run out of ideas?

Well first, what is an idea?

My idea of an idea is a thought you have, and ideally it’s one that could be valuable to you or others.

Useless thoughts are just that – useless thoughts. But valuable thoughts – now you’ve got something of a basis for creativity.

So then what’s creativity?

Seems to me that creativity is essentially just the ability to have useful insights – useful ideas – and then to share them with others.

You’re doing something – playing music, dancing, writing, speaking or so on – and then suddenly you make a new connection in your mind that you didn’t see before.

Something clicks, so you share it. If it causes things to click with others, then it’s creative. If it doesn’t, then I guess you’re crazy lol.  

So the million dollar question – can you run out of ideas? Can you exhaust your creativity?

Fuck no.

Think of it this way – do you ever run out of thoughts? My bet is you couldn’t stop your thoughts if you tried (unless you’re a Zen master or some shit).  

So then what’s the roadblock to you being creative, and having ‘good’ ideas?

To be honest it’s probably just the threshold you’ve set for what constitutes a valuable idea – it’s either that, or you’re not yet skilled enough for them to be considered creative by others.  

But either way, you never run out of ideas.   

So what can you do about those blocks? How do you be more ‘creative’?

Well the first block is easy – publish your work and see what people think. Did somebody appreciate it? Well then you’ve got an audience, and a reason to keep learning and creating.   

Nobody likes it? Well then you’re probably lacking the skill. What do you do about that?

Well you could lock yourself inside and practice, and not produce anything until you know that you’re ready… But then how do you know when you’re ready?

We’re back to the first problem – just keep producing. How else will you ever know?  

So I guess the bottom line is to always share your work. If you’re afraid of criticism (like I am occasionally – it’s a hurdle I’m still working through), remember that the most effectively way to forge a sword is in the fire.

Let yourself make mistakes and get called out for them – it’s a direct method for improving, which as far as you’re concerned is a massive win.

That's it, but stick with me: I’ve got some more insights coming.

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